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Ship for Sale
Ship for Sale - 3200 (DWT) JAPAN 1988 Bulk Carrier
  · Basic Information
Ref No:    INR0001419    
Type:    Bulk Carrier Capacity:    3200(DWT)
Build Year:    1988 Build Area:    JAPAN
Class:    NK Post on:    2019/4/20
Abt 3,200dwt Aggregates carrier with self unloader Blt Sept 1988 At Iwagi, Japan ======================== Vessel : Aggregates carrier with self unloader Flag : Japanese Class : NK coastal Class Last SS Jun 2015 DD Jun 2018, Next SS/DD Aug 2020 L/B/D : 90.68/85.00/15.80/8.40 m Deadweight : 3,200 t Draft : 5.21 m Gross Tonnage : 2,715 t Grain Capacity : 3,310 cbm Self Unloader : 250/600 t/h (renewed in 2008) Hold/Hatch : 3 holds/1 hatch Hatch Size : 50.70 (18.20 + 15.60 + 16.90) x 11.50 m Hatch Cover : Elman type M/E : Akasaka A37 2,400 ps@240 rpm x 1 Generator : 2 x 250 kva/450 v each Shaft Generator : 165 kva/450 v Boiler : Miura VWS-400E Bow Thruster : Kamome TCA-45MN Propeller : FPP Speed : About 9.5-11 knots Consumption : About 195-210 L/H FO at 205-215 rpm : In port about 20-30 L/H MDO Complement : 13 p Life Raft : 1 x 15 p LDT : About 1,751.8 t Delivery Japan around April 2019 onwards.
ship photos:
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