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  (S) NO. :INR0001291   Ship type: Chemical Oil Tanker
Built year : 2000
Capacity : 17999(DWT)
Builder : ITALY
Post time : 2020/2/16
  (S) NO. :INR0001288   Ship type: MPP
Built year : 2012
Capacity : 8000(DWT)
Builder : CHINA
Post time : 2020/2/9
  (S) NO. :INR0001290   Ship type: Z-P Tug
Built year : 2006
Capacity : 4000(BHP)
Builder : JAPAN
Post time : 2020/2/13
  (S) NO. :INR0001286   Ship type: PCC
Built year : 2017
Capacity : 1000(PAX)
Builder : GREECE
Post time : 2020/2/7
  (S) NO. :INR0001289   Ship type: Deck Barge
Built year : 2009
Capacity : 4289(DWT)
Builder : THAILAND
Post time : 2020/2/10
  (S) NO. :INR0001285   Ship type: PSV
Built year : 2020
Capacity : 8000(BHP)
Builder : CHINA
Post time : 2020/2/6
Ship for Sale
REG. NO. Ship type Capacity Built year Builder Class Post time  
INR0001291 Chemical Oil Tanker 17999(DWT) 2000 ITALY RINA 2020/2/16
INR0001290 Z-P Tug 4000(BHP) 2006 JAPAN JG 2020/2/13
INR0001289 Deck Barge 4289(DWT) 2009 THAILAND CCS 2020/2/10
INR0001288 MPP 8000(DWT) 2012 CHINA CCS 2020/2/9
INR0001286 PCC 1000(PAX) 2017 GREECE IRS 2020/2/7
INR0001285 PSV 8000(BHP) 2020 CHINA GL 2020/2/6
INR0001284 Chemical Oil Tanker 19118(DWT) 2011 CHINA BV 2020/2/5
INR0001282 A Type Cr 12000(DWT) 2016 CHINA CCS 2020/2/4
INR0001280 Cargo Barge 8130(DWT) 2001 JAPAN KR 2020/2/3
INR0001279 Cutter Suction Dredger 4500(CBM) 1994 KOREA NILL 2020/2/2
Ship for Purchase
REG. NO. Ship type Capacity Built year Builder Post time
INR0001287 Z-P Tug 3600(BHP) 2002 JAPAN 2020/2/8
INR0001281 General Cargo Ship 2500(DWT) 2000 Any 2020/2/3
INR0001275 General Cargo Ship 5000(DWT) 2005 JAPAN 2020/1/28
INR0001271 Bulk Carrier 8000(DWT) 2000 ANY 2020/1/18
INR0001269 Dry Cargo Ship 45000(DWT) 2010 JAPAN 2020/1/16
INR0001267 Product Oil Tanker 5000(DWT) 2011 ANY 2020/1/15
INR0001265 Chemical Oil Tanker 5000(DWT) 2010 NILL 2020/1/14
INR0001262 Chemical Oil Tanker 16500(DWT) 2010 CHINA 2020/1/11
INR0001261 oil barge 2000(DWT) 2010 ANY 2020/1/11
INR0001259 Dry Cargo Ship 17000(DWT) 1993 JAPAN 2020/1/10
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