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company name:    Marvin ship Management pvt ltd  
company type:    Shipping company contact man:    Sumit singh
Email:    Sumit.marvinshipping@gmail.com Tel:    022-4201987
Fax:     cell phone:    0091-8080855554
address:    Crystal paradise bldg. office 606,Andheri west
web site:    www.marvinshipmanagement.com
It is my pleasure in writing to introduce you to one of the best “Ship Management Services Company” based in India. Duly Licensed by the Shipping Ministry of the Govt. Of India For Recruitment &placement of crew on foreign going vessels.License No.: RPSL - 362. We are working with "Albiena Shipping",beyaz shipping,istanbul shipping,aydin shipping,voda shipping,efemay shipping,densa shipping from Turkey, "Topaz Marine" from dubai & "Allianz Marine,ADNATCO-NGSCO (abui dhabi national tanker company+national gas shipping) from UAE & various other Owners, We are ship management companyfrom India. We are here to supply experienced officers, ratings & cadets for any types of vessels in any continent.We are having good large pool for tanker exp.crew and officers
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